March is National Social Worker Month

Social workers lend their knowledge, guidance, and support to families as they sort out complicated issues and navigate difficult transitions in assisted living. Welch Senior Living’s Allerton House Assisted Living Community in Weymouth is hosting a series of Appreciation Lunches to honor these professionals for their counsel and commitment. Most recently, Allerton House invited social workers from BanceCare South, to share in a luncheon of either filet mignon or seafood casserole.

Joining Al Ewing, marketing director, Allerton House in Weymouth, for a delicious luncheon of filet mignon or seafood casserole and tours, are from left to right, Emily Lynch, director, marketing and communications, BaneCare South; Nicole Abbott, LSW, John Scott Rehab & Nursing Center in Braintree; Sandra Fratto, LSW, social worker and marketing coordinator, Colonial Adult Day Health Center; Linda Chipman, LSW, Colonial Rehab & Nursing Center; and Vanessa Pearson, LSW, Colonial Rehab & Nursing Center, and Lynda Chuckran, director, community relations, Welch Senior Living.