Making the Move to Senior Living

Anxiety over “making the move” is often the biggest obstacle to enjoying the freedom and support an assisted living community provides. Two of the biggest concerns are “who will move me” and “will all of my possessions fit into an apartment.” Allerton House Assisted Living has the answers to both.

Easing the Transition to Senior Living

Making the transition to Allerton House Assisted Living in Weymouth needn’t be overwhelming. Our marketing director and move-in coordinator are here to help. They can pinpoint resources to assist with removal of clutter and cleaning before the move, arrange for movers and assist on move-in day with the careful placement of your most cherished belongings.

Our resident ambassadors are ready to welcome new residents into our communities. They have already left behind the worries and hassles of home ownership and are eager to assist others in experiencing the same carefree lifestyle.

Getting Started

At Allerton House Assisted Living, we believe that making the move should not be a stumbling block, but rather a building block for the next chapter of an exciting life. If you think assisted living might be right for you, we encourage you and your family to visit our community, take a tour and stay for lunch.