Award-Winning Author Takes Residents Along the Scenic Route

Award-winning author Alison O’Leary recently guided residents from Allerton House in Weymouth through her book, “Inns and Adventures: A History and Explorer’s Guide to Vermont, New Hampshire, and the Berkshires.”

As a writer, journalist, former Boston Globe correspondent, and magazine editor, O’Leary knows how to tell a story. But it’s her passion for New England that kept Allerton House residents engaged from cover to cover. Over twenty residents attended—making it one of the most popular events the community has had this season.

O’Leary’s book takes readers to iconic destinations throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, and the Berkshires with anecdotes, history, and tips for traveling. Allerton House residents benefitted from O’Leary’s behind-the-scenes images, additional stories, and tips on writing engaging stories.

The presentation was just one of many events Allerton House hosts to keep residents engaged and active in the greater community. From conducting their own rendition of the Beijing Olympics to musical concerts, Allerton House strives to offer activities and events for every taste.

Yet, activities and events serve a greater purpose beyond entertainment. Purposeful leisure activities, such as reading or traveling, can increase lifespan, lower depression, and lower risk for dementia and other diseases, according to the National Institute on Aging.

“We offer many activities here at Allerton House to help residents enhance their independence and overall quality of life,” said Allerton House Sales & Marketing Director, Al Ewing. “One of our most popular activities is our monthly Book Club, so having O’Leary here was very exciting. The wonderful thing about it was that residents could use her tips to plan their own physical travels or just let her voice take them on a trip from their armchairs. It was an enjoyable experience for all!”