Baby Animals Visit Allerton House in Weymouth

Pets and small animals make people of all ages feel good. Residents at Allerton House at Central Park know this is true and were delighted for a chance to visit with and pet a variety of baby farm animals, including bunnies, kids, and piglets from Farm Visits, a traveling petting farm.

In older adults, studies have shown that pets can relieve stress and even help to fight off depression. It’s easy to see by the faces of residents that a visit by the baby animals is truly beneficial.

Sitting still and regal, a Silkie, enjoys the soothing strokes of resident Joann McLaughlin.
Resident Helen Pilioglos snuggles with one of the bunnies that visited the assisted living community.
Lulu steps very gingerly as she makes her way to each of the assisted living residents that gathered for a visit by piglets, goats, bunnies, and a Silkie, a type of chicken with fluffy plumage.
Libby, the kid (baby goat) is wide-eyed and friendly during the annual baby animal visit by the traveling petting farm, Farm Visits.